Level 1 – Beginner

If you’re new to swing dancing or have a few months of experience, this is the class for you. This is where we’ll work on our different footworks and learn moves that we can take onto the dance floor. Everyone is welcome!

Level 2 – Intermediate

If you’ve been taking level 1 classes for quite some time and feel like you’re ready for a new challenge, it might be time to move up to level 2. Please make sure you have learnt and are comfortable with basic 6 count, 8 count, and Charleston moves, and that you know your way around a swing out. These are not all taught in one block, so you’ll want to do at least 3 blocks of level 1 to make sure you’ve covered it all.

If you’re not sure or would like some personal advice, please talk to your teachers. We’d recommend continuing taking level 1 classes even after you’ve moved up to level 2 to help solidify those ever important basics!